The ultimate fruit bread

Oh bread, I love you! I know its terribly unfashionable but bread is one of my favourite foods. In particular, fruit toast is one of my regular breakfasts and for those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know I have been on a quest to ditch the supermarket fruit loaf and make myself the perfect fruit bread. I’ve been dreaming of creating the kind of fruit bread that you see in cafes. You know the type, thick, rich and stuffed with huge chunks of fruit. Continue reading


Marinated Greek lamb wraps

Our summer has been full of quick and easy meals, mostly cooked on the BBQ. I have become fond of meals that I can do the prep for during the day and that can then be quickly cooked and served once Henry is in bed for the night and these lamb wraps are a perfect fit.

I marinated the lamb and prepared the vegetables in the morning and all that was left to do in the evening was throw everything on the BBQ and we had dinner on the table in 10minutes.
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